Big News! SpaceCraft is now available on Desktop (Windows/Mac VST2/VST3/AU).

Available at the Tracktion website.

Richard Devine using copious amounts of DAW automation with the VST/AU!

The review of the desktop VST/AU…

“Then you brace yourself for the glitchy chaos of granular synthesis but what comes out is far more musical and engaging than I was expecting.” … “and I’m really enjoying how it’s done away with the usual complexity of granular synthesis and just made it a fun place to play”
— Robin Vincent, Gearnews.com July 2019

One of the best apps of 2018
— Stuart Kilbride, Audionewsroom review July 2018

See the full review of the iOS version here.

Voyage through granular space! 

Transform any sound into a playable musical instrument via a technique known as Granular Synthesis. With SpaceCraft, you can create textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms from everyday sounds such as your voice, ambient noise or the high quality built-in audio samples. 

Richard Devine playing on the iOS version of SpaceCraft !


At the controls of SpaceCraft Granular Synth 👽

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Here's RedSkyLullaby jamming on multiple instances of iOS SpaceCraft along with MOOGModel 15 and Model D synths (2018):

Transform any sample into a playable instrument

Record audio via your device's microphone or load a file* from your device. Turn everyday sounds into unusual instruments. Try recording your voice or ambient noise!

Tap the record button to record your performance (maximum 20 minutes!). Your audio will be saved to your device as a .wav file*.

* on iOS 10 and below, iCloud drive must be enabled in order to load/save files.

2018-06-10 (122)LOADbigcrop.png

Here were some reactions from thesoundtestroom and iPadLoops the day after iOS SpaceCraft was launched.

Jacob Haq has done some comparisons with other iOS granular apps, Borderlands and Tardigrain, both wonderful instruments that iOS SpaceCraft is proud to be shown aside!

Info for Desktop version here.

Coming for Android later this year (currently in beta).

For support, email deltavaudio@gmail.com