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The following applies to v1.0.5

As well as being used as a standalone app, SpaceCraft can be used as an AUv3/IAA Effect and an AUv3 instrument. Note that if you wan’t to record live audio into SpaceCraft AUv3/IAA, you must load it in the effects slot (it is not possible for Audio input to an AUv3/IAA when in the instrument slot).

File Loading/Saving:

iOS 10 uses an older version of the iOS file chooser which unfortunately has very limit folder access and iCloud Drive is required. I will attempt to get around this in a future update by additionally providing better Audioshare integration which optionally bypasses the iOS file chooser entirely.

When increasing the output recording duration (via settings for the 'rec' button), if your device does not have enough memory available, SpaceCraft will shut down.  When using as AU it is recommended to use the host to record output.


When using as an IAA effect, Garageband will automatically mute the output of spacecraft unless headphones are plugged in.


Built-in samples

Here are the built-in audio samples that load each time you start SpaceCraft. These are a combination of:

  • Various Kontakt instruments

  • Reaktor user library, Form, Prism

  • Some of my own Reaktor Blocks ensembles (all of the synths in the second half of blue are from these ensemble patches)

  • Twisted tools: Scapes, S-Layer

  • Serum

  • Re-cycled output of previous incarnations of SpaceCraft

Tracks are mastered via iZotope Ozone.